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Kirale Technologies: Thread Technology: The Future of Wireless Low-Power IP Network

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Manuel Amutio, co-founder and CEO, Kirale TechnologiesManuel Amutio, co-founder and CEO
A key enabler for the IoT is interoperability, but with numerous vendors, OEMs, and service providers, it becomes challenging to achieve that between different systems. Enterprises usually need to integrate various IoT connected products with the right platforms and, sometimes, lack of proper integration may lead to abnormalities in functions and efficiency. Achieving seamless integration for IoT-connected assets is more challenging than one realises, because it involves so many different IT points. Therefore, it is vital to understand that integration is a crucial IoT competency.

Besides, even though it is not important for the end customers to know how things work technically, unawareness can create a fear of security and cost, which may lead to the slow adoption of technology. Due to these factors, Spain-based Kirale Technologies bet from the very beginning on Thread technology because it was an IPv6 networking protocol built on well-proven open standards, including IEEE 802.15.4, IETF IPv6 and 6LoWPAN.

Thread networks have no single point of failure, allow seamless integration with more extensive IP networks, and don’t need proprietary gateways or translators. This reduces infrastructure needs and investment while enabling end-to-end security. It means that the company’s Thread-based certified solutions are designed to address the unique interoperability, security, power, and architecture challenges of the IoT.

Kirale Technologies was founded in 2011, and since then, it has been working on embedded devices to develop into wireless low-power IP-enabled hardware, removing the technological, physical, and economic fences that formerly made it impracticable. “Our products and solutions serve as both IoT market accelerators and tools that make it easier for manufacturers to add Thread technology in their development efforts,” says Manuel Amutio, Co-Founder and CEO of Kirale Technologies.
The company provides a complete Thread certified component (HW+FW). The ready-to-use solution, RF Module, combines a powerful and ultra-efficient MCU with a best-in-class 2.4 GHz RF transceiver. Host processors can easily handle it through USB and UART interfaces, and it is FCC/IC/CE certified, allowing faster time to market and low development costs.

The firm has also developed Kirale Real-Time Network Operating System (KiNOS), which is a high-performance, secure, robust, and scalable Thread certified stack. It is tailored for embedded devices and suitable from ultra-low-power end devices to powerful border routers. Fully engineered by Kirale Technologies, KiNOS has been built from scratch to optimise footprint and performance.

Recently, the company has also released a Thread Border Router solution, which makes the development of Thread-based products more comfortable by providing IP connectivity between different IP-bearing networks. This device is now part of a set of evaluation tools conceived to speed up the time-to-market of third-party products and to reduce the customer effort.

Kirale Technologies has positioned itself uniquely in the market by providing a real turn-key solution that offers the combination of a complete Thread connectivity solution. The company also provides integration and engineering support services, which enable manufacturers to integrate wireless connectivity into their connected products rapidly.

The firm’s solutions are helping many customers to design and develop their use cases based on wireless low-power IP connectivity. Their R&D departments are leveraging the easy-to-use tools provided by Kirale Technologies to access this new technology and discover all the benefits Thread protocol has brought to the IoT market. The main market segments where Kirale’s solutions are being utilised to develop IoT products are lighting, automotive, home automation, agriculture, and waste management, among others.

Forging ahead, Kirale Technologies will keep focusing on delivering Thread-based ready-to-use solutions to the Internet of Things market. “We have a strong conviction that IPv6 holds a similar value for IoT networks what IPv4 means for the Internet. IPv6 protocol will be the connecting link between all connected devices,” concludes Amutio.
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Kirale Technologies

Kirale Technologies

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Manuel Amutio, co-founder and CEO

Kirale Technologies provides the world’s most integrated and easy-to-use wireless solutions to develop and deliver connected products based on Thread technology. The company’s fully-integrated hardware and firmware products are turnkey solutions with true low-power and low-cost features, especially suited for manufactures and system integrators who wish to focus on value-added features and to achieve the fastest time-to-market and the lowest development risk. Kirale’s evaluation tools enable quick prototyping, minimizing development time and cost, and provide designers with confidence that their new products will work as expected